The Brain, in Exquisite Detail –

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The Brain, in Exquisite Detail –

Exquisite is right.  Deanna Barch and her colleagues are doing some amazing work.  They\’re mapping the connections in the human brain, and this collection of data promises to be absolutely invaluable.  I can\’t wait to see what kinds of conclusions can be drawn from the data they\’re gathering on intelligence and memory.  Check out the project that this is a part of, the NIH Human Connectome Project here. From their site: \”

The NIH Human Connectome Project is an ambitious effort to map the
neural pathways that underlie human brain function. The
overarching purpose of the Project is to
acquire and share data about the structural and functional connectivity
of the human
brain. It will greatly advance the
capabilities for imaging and analyzing brain connections, resulting in
improved sensitivity,
resolution, and utility, thereby accelerating
progress in the emerging field of human connectomics.

Altogether, the Human Connectome Project will
lead to major advances in our understanding of what makes us uniquely
and will set the stage for future studies of
abnormal brain circuits in many neurological and psychiatric disorders.\”

via The Brain, in Exquisite Detail –

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