Web 2.0 Tool Review: PowToon

I love to use little video clips or images to supplement my online class sessions; today’s class was on social constructivism and connectivism.  I had no problem finding a video summarizing connectivism, but one that focused solely on social constructivism was, surprisingly, more difficult to find.  Thankfully, the one I found on connectivism was really cool.

The creator, Mike Penella (@MikePenella), had used something called PowToon, which I, of course, had to investigate (LOVE the bee analogy, by the way, Mike!). Thankfully, I was able to get started using it for free, and I created the below video in about 10 minutes; it filled the gap in my class session nicely.

I’m planning now on going back and putting some more time and effort into creating all kinds of supplemental videos for my students.  There were a couple of spots where the interface wasn’t totally user-friendly, but on the whole it was a really simple yet powerful tool to use.  I can imagine the types of interesting things a class full of k-12 students could come up with if they were given access to this.

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