For My Students

Here you will find some resources to help you with the courses I teach:

Writing Help:

Basic Grammar and Punctuation Help:
How to properly use “i.e.”
How to properly use a semicolon
Commonly misspelled words
How to properly use apostrophes
How to properly use commas
How to write a complete sentence
How to properly use quotation marks
Which vs. that 

Writing Style:
How to write a paragraph
Using 3rd person vs. 1st person
How to write concisely
How to use APA style 1 
How to use APA Style 2 
Features of Academic Writing
APA Workshop 

Plagiarism vs. Paraphrasing:
USC’s plagiarism information
How to paraphrase without plagiarizing
What is plagiarism? 

Technology Help:

Using Adobe Connect (for Faculty)

Watching Notes and Chat Pods in Real Time During Breakouts
How to Create a Poll Pod
How to Upload a Video


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